Use These Topic Ideas for Your Argumentative Essay

Use These Topic Ideas for Your Argumentative Essay
An argumentative essay is a type of academic writing paper in which students have to argue in favor of their own position on a selected or specified subject. The paper requires the usage of credible evidence in order to ensure the target audience in the author’s point of view. Both arguments in favor and against should be present.

To decide on their point of view and support it efficiently throughout the paper, students must begin with investigating and studying all aspects of the given problem. For their further argumentative topics, they should choose only several sides of the subject. It makes it possible to make an educated stance in the end. The second step involves gathering evidence which is made of facts, statistics, observations, and expert claims in the field of the discussed question. When the topics are comparatively new and rather debatable, the students are encouraged to conduct in-depth research on their own. They have to come up with their own evidence for the argumentative essay’s proof and main argument. Thus, convincing evidence is the primary goal of an argumentative paper.

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How to Choose Good Idea and Essay Topics?

Argumentative paper should motivate readers to:
  1. Read it from cover to cover
  2. To take part in discussion
  3. To debate

Thus, the topics should be chosen respectively. You may conduct research to find the most appropriate and popular subjects for your further controversial paper if the tutor does not assign you one.

If you wish to write persuasive, argumentative essays worth “A,” selecting proper topics demands much consideration. You should think about something recently discussed in the society. People tend to read those papers from cover to cover that are dedicated to the up-to-date problems. Choosing such topics will also save a plenty of time and nerves. As soon as you start your research, you’ll find a plenty of primary and secondary sources to apply. Another brilliant idea for your debatable paper is to choose one of the emotional themes. When you appeal to the audience’s emotions, you have more chances to receive feedback. Besides, an emotional investment is the time-tested method to change anyone’s point on various topics.

Pick One of the Offered Argumentative Topics to Succeed


Simple Topics (School Level)

  • Should adolescents be required to get parents’ permission to buy contraceptives?
  • Should the amount of alcohol sold be limited per one person?
  • Should high school education be mandatory?

Middle-level difficulty (Argumentative Paper Topics for College)

  • Are there any reasons for justifying military intervention?
  • Should family members respond to the criminal actions of their children?
  • Should student’s GPA predetermine his further education?

Complex Argumentative Essay Ideas

Joking Argumentative Paper Topics

  • Should the authors of funny cat/dog videos be paid on YouTube?
  • What is the worst movie in the world?
  • Should students believe every word in an infomercial?

General Argumentative Samples Ideas


  • How should scientists that use animals for research purposes be punished?
  • Cloning is not legal nor ethical

Computer Science (IT-related) Essay Subjects

  • Are some Google services doing right when they increase privacy and safety concerns for users?
  • Violating copyright rules: how should we fight?
  • Should YouTube feedback be controlled?
  • The internet today is too much commercialized and dangerous.

Legal Argumentative Ideas

  • Is gun control an efficient way to minimize criminal activity?
  • Should the death penalty be made legal?
  • The book titled “12 Angry Men” reflects democracy with its consequences
  • Should governments ban same-sex marriages?
  • Is smoking in public places really legal?
  • Society is turning too over-regulated
  • Legalization of marijuana does not make any sense
  • The production of tobacco should be downsized

Ecological Essay Topics

  • Cross-cultural marriages kill racial discrimination
  • Females tend to show less criminal activity than males
  • Distant education is as effective as the traditional one
  • Violence in the media has a negative impact towards our kids

Society and the Media

  • Media impacts the women's’ beliefs of the body image
  • Violent computer games lead to school violence

Structure of an Argumentative Essay


How to Apply Connection Words When Composing an Argumentative Paper

No matter which topics you work with, transition words/phrases make all parts of the paper stick together and function as a whole. They correlate various ideas and opinions.
Function                                                                   Connection Word
Addition In addition; also; and; as well as; equally; furthermore; along with; similarly; too
Comparison In reality; in fact; despite; although; in spite of; regardless; besides; but; otherwise; whereas
Cause or Goal As/so long as; with this in mind; when; unless; in case; in view of; only/even if; lest
Samples or Evidence Truly; by all means; for example; especially; to point out; in other words
Results or Effects Due to the fact that; as a result; for this reason; in effect; in that case; therefore
Conclusion/Restatement In conclusion; to sum up; so summarize; after all; in the end; as shown above

To conclude, writing an excellent argumentative paper on any topics is a complex and long process, which, however, can result in a valuable experience and a set of new skills. Just follow the guidelines provided by this article and keep to the main writing rules such as English grammar, formatting, and other elements. Each time you feel unconfident with some writing assignment, you may find the examples of good topics or buy a full academic essay written from scratch on our website.