How to Write a Good Case Study?

How to Write a Good Case Study?

As you know, there are different kinds of writing assignments in general, and there are different types of case studies. You need to prepare a case study in two situations: as an academic writing task and for some commercial needs.

If you need to write a text for commercial purposes, you need to take into account the main problem that should be investigated in the case study, a budget, strategic purposes, particular circumstances, a type of products or services.

If we talk about academic assignments, a case study is written in order to examine the performance of the students’ researches that are made in the particular field of knowledge. Any case study should be based on the investigation. That’s why the main value of any text is the level and professionalism of the investigation that was conducted. This means that a good case study the author should read, investigate, test, examine, the subject of research and only after that he should make a succinct and accurate report about the whole process and what is more important about its results. Write us " need help with homework" and we will solve your problem.

What is a Case Study?

A case study is a succinct but extremely well-aimed report about a subject, a situation, a person, or a group of persons, that were studied. It can describe the circumstances, the peculiarities, the behavior of the subject of the investigation.

A good article necessarily takes into account the problem, activity or event which in its turn contains the hypothetical or real situation and complexities. In order to prepare a good article, you need to use all your experience, your knowledge, skills and your ability of critical thinking and apply them to real problems.

Types of Case Studies

There are several types or subdivisions of case studies. The types of case studies are predetermined by the investigator, the goals and the objectives of the investigation. The most important types of case studies are the next:

Critical Instance Assignments

This type of assignment is based on the examination of one or more aspects of the one subject for the purpose of investigation of the unique situation or the unique interest. This type of texts is great for answering questions and causes.


Illustrative texts are known as the commonly descriptive texts. They usually compose one or two sides or instances of one subject or event and make it possible to show all the peculiarities of a situation and what is the situation looks like. The main purpose of the illustrative case studies if their ability to make some unfamiliar things familiar or somehow closer. They enable the authors to give readers common issues and facts and to speak to the readers the same language about the particular topic.

Cumulative texts

These articles usually serve to combine and aggregate the information on the topic from several different sources and collected at different times. The main idea and the purpose of these studies is the ability to collect all knowledge and results of the past studies that allows the further investigation and the greater generalization of the problem without additional spend on resources and time.


This type of case studies should be done on the preparatory stage of the great and intensive investigations and researches. They are usually performed by the authors before launching the investigations with a large scale resource base. They can help to identify the main questions and to select the methods of measurement. The main goal of this type of researches is to find out is this investigation worth to be conducted or not. In this kind of research, you should collect the data first.


This kind of the research is made for analyzing or explaining why or how something happened. The main research question should be “how” or “why.”

Features of Case Studies

According to trustworthy studies of professionals the good case has the next important features:

  • The text of the case is believable and credible to the reader;
  • The problem of the article is taken from the real life;
  • It necessarily includes sufficient facts, data, and information for the reader.
  • The case study consists of several parts, and each part of it ends with problems, results, and some points of view for the further discussion.

What Should a Good Case Study Consist of?

As any other assignment, a good case study should have a certain form and consists of certain parts.


It is a short and succinct introduction to the text, with an accent on the problem and the outcome. The summary’s main purpose of to motivate the reader to read the whole text and dig further into the text and details of the problem. If you want the readers to read your text, give them an opportunity to understand at least what you wrote about and what is the value that you believe in and what can you offer to them?

The Backstory

You should think of this part of your text at the very beginning of your work. It is the ‘the once-upon-a-time’ of your ‘tale.'  In this part of the case, you are setting up the core of the text by providing introductive details of the main subject.


This part of the text is simple, and at the same time, it is hard. What exactly do you want to tell in your text? You should set the problem and show all your diagnostic, expertise and problem-solving skills.


This is the part which tells what did you actually do? It covers all stages of your process, all your strategic mastership and skills,  your ability of critical thinking, your professionalism, capabilities and your writing style.


This part shows the results. What have you discovered or developed? Have you brought something new to your audience? Or have you strengthened or grow an existing problem? Show it.

How to Create a Great Case Study?

In general case studies can become a great way to show all your writing skills and your abilities. They can show who you are. They go beyond simple texts by showing the results of real-life examples, research and problem solving. Preparing them you need to use all your skills to solve the problem or research the situation from real life. These assignments are complex, therefore, students often prefer to order them online. So here are some tips how you can make your assignment great.

Think About Some Truly Interesting Problem

Do you know what is the most interesting problem or the situation for your potential reader? If it’s the text for some particular discipline choose its main subject. Your main goal is to make your reader sure that you:

  • You are aware of you are talking about and feel comfortable in the discussion;
  • You know the subject and its industry’s specific features;
  • You know what to do and how to get results;
  • Think about it on a smaller level, such as when you’re reading.

You should remember that people who read your text usually look for results, so you should make them the focus.

Tell the Whole Your Story from Start to Finish

Almost all enjoy reading a story. So give it to the reader. A great article will give readers an opportunity to really get to know:

  • What is the subject and what is really interesting about it?
  • What is the main goal of your text? What is your aim?
  • What will the results look like?

Make the Text Easy to Read

Formatting plays an important part. No one likes to read one big piece of text. And it is no matter is it actually interesting or informative. It will be hard to read it. You can be sure the text will not be good if it doesn’t’ look good. That’s why it’s better to use affective content formatting elements. Use the elements which are usually used by the authors of blog posts, articles. It can be bullet points, headers, images, bolded and italicized text.

Use Real Data or Facts

The case study assignments always based on the real and close to real business situations. That’s why you should use real data and the basis for your investigation and results in the text. Use real facts and numbers. But if you are using and displaying real data in not a certain way it can have more than one meaning. You have to make your case as accurate as possible.

Speak Specific

Before starting the process about the results, the author usually conducts an investigation, a great piece of work. Don’t be shy to show it. During the process, you improve your skills and specific knowledge, so talks specifically with the reader. It will give value to your text.

The Process of Preparing a Case Study

As any other assignment, for example, as the research paper, the case study has its special architecture and distinguishing features. And if you want your text to be good the process of its preparing should be effective. The process should contain the text stages or steps:

  • When the problem, process, particular situation, location and time are already chosen, you should set out a plan taking into account all those factors. What will you observe or what will you investigate in the article? How long will you do this? What methods will you use? Give the answer to all these questions. They will help you understand what should you start with and what will be the end of your work;
  • Talk clear. It means that language which you use in your plan and case study should be clear. Use clear terms. The terminology and the whole vocabulary which you use during the process should be known by the potential reader and identical to those words that are used in the real situation which should be actually studied in the assignment;
  • Make a set of questions. They will definitely help you make a decision which data should be collected, which data will useful for the investigation and which information will be relevant to the investigation. You will see how to analyze the data and facts when it will be collected together;
  • The set of questions should take into account all proposals which you can make. Choose the methods and decide which types of calculation you will use for this research. Find and set a connection between the calculations, the investigation and its results. You should decide how the calculations will be connected to the proposals which you will be able to provide at the end of your work. Understand the criteria of evaluation and in which way the results can be interpreted and analyzed;
  • You should determine the main goals and main aims of the assignment;
  • When you hold the observations and your investigation, you should make sure that all of the participants understand the goals and main aims, the tiling of the procedure, and potential results which you are going to get;
  • Collect all facts, numbers, interview questions, records, and other materials, make sure that everything is ready to start the process;
  • You should also make sure that all data, numbers, records, writing pieces are generated on systems and in formats that are compatible, and that software and specific terminology that was used during the research is the same and it’s quite clear;
  • After describing the results make sure that the main part of the case study is done with the same conditions as the previous research or investigation.

So, the case study is a special writing assignment which can show your skills and professionalism not only as an author but also as an investigator or as an expert in the particular field. A case study usually demands analysis or investigation of a special business problem, special subject or situation, it examines the alternative solutions and gives accurate results. It can propose the most efficient solution that is based on the real data, facts, and evidence. That’s why, if you want to make a great case you should use all your writing and investigation skills, your ingenuity and the ability to think critically. All this can help do you work at a great level. But if you still have some problems with your assignments just get the professional help.