140 Fresh Ready to Use Persuasive Writing Topics (2021 edition)

140 Fresh Ready to Use Persuasive Writing Topics (2021 edition)
Table of Contents
  1. 140 Fresh Ready to Use Persuasive Writing Topics (2021 edition)
  2. What is persuasive writing
  3. Difference between persuasive and argumentative essay
  4. What is a good persuasive writing topic
  5. How to choose a good topic for persuasive essay
  6. 1.Understand the assignment
  7. 2.Brainstorm and choose the topic you like
  8. 3.Research the topic
  9. 4.Formulate thesis statement and create an outline
  10. Brand new persuasive writing topics 2021
  11. Persuasive essay topics for kids
  12. Persuasive essay topics for Middle School
  13. Persuasive writing  topics for High School
  14. Persuasive writing topics for College
  15. Good persuasive writing topics 2020
  16. Easy persuasive writing topics
  17. Interesting topics for persuasive writing
  18. Controversial persuasive writing topics
  19. Persuasive writing topics on education
  20. Persuasive writing topics on arts
  21. Social media persuasive topics
  22. Food and eating habits persuasive writing topics
  23. Persuasive essay topics on environment
  24. Persuasive topics on sports
  25. Need a comprehensive persuasive essay?

If you are reading this, then you are looking for some persuasive writing help. Or you maybe you want to  pay someone to do your homework. You are in the right place! We will reveal all the peculiarities of persuasive writing to you and provide you with a list of unique, fresh, and interesting ideas for your persuasive essay. Read on to receive the answers to your questions!


What is persuasive writing

Persuasive writing is an academic assignment that is common for school, college, and university students. From the name, you can guess that its purpose is to persuade. In persuasive essay writing, the author provides different arguments to support their point as well as to convince the audience in the rightness of that position. 

To support your points in an argumentative writing, you should always have arguments, evidence, and example. Make sure that you have enough evidence and do not repeat the same idea several times within your paper. Also, in the conclusion part, do not introduce new ideas or those that contradict the arguments you have provided in your paper.

Difference between persuasive and argumentative essay

Students often make a mistake by mistaking persuasive writing for argumentative essays and visa versa. However, these are different essay types. While the purpose of argumentative essay is just to present the existing arguments on that topic, the purpose of persuasive writing is not only to present them, but also to take the point on that issue and convince the audience that it’s the only right viewpoint.

What is a good persuasive writing topic

Students often often treat choosing the topic for their essay as the easiest and non-essential step. However, choosing a wrong topic can negatively influence your piece of writing. For example, when you are not interested or know little about the topic, the essay is highly likely to be of lower quality. A good persuasive writing topic is:

  1. Interesting
  2. Engaging
  3. Relevant
  4. Up-to date
  5. Expresses you viewpoint clearly

How to choose a good topic for persuasive essay

A logical question will be, “How do I choose a good persuasive writing topic?”. The answer is,”Just follow these simple steps”.

        1.Understand the assignment

First of all, you should understand all the requirements of the assignment given to you. It is important to do it before you start writing, so that is case you do not understand something you had time to clarify those questions with your instructor.

        2.Brainstorm and choose the topic you like

If the professor left the choice of the topic up to you, lucky you are! You have a great opportunity to choose the topic you really like and understand. First, write look through the course questions you have discussed, check lists of the topics ideas online, write down all the ideas that come to your mind. After this, reread them and leave only several the most interesting.

        3.Research the topic

Just choosing the topic you like is not enough. Make research on that topic to collect all the necessary information and make sure you understand it well. If you are going to discuss the topic that is new to you, make sure there is enough information available for you to cover that idea in your essay.

        4.Formulate thesis statement and create an outline

The last step in choosing the topic is formulating a thesis statement, which is the main idea of your essay. Write down a thesis statement that expresses your viewpoint and gives the essay a direction. Also, draft an outline to have a logical plan of your essay.


Brand new persuasive writing topics 2021

If your need a ready topic or read some list for inspiration to choose a good persuasive writing topics, read this list. In it, we have collected the most interesting topics ideas and subdivided them into categories for better navigation. The list will serve as an inspiration for you and as a motivation to complete your homework.


word trending written in bright colors

Persuasive essay topics for kids

  1. Is it better to be the only child or have other siblings
  2. Who is the best friend
  3. Do computer games make children aggressive?
  4. Should parents limit the TV watching  time?
  5. Are vegetables that healthy?
  6. The best TV show of all times
  7. The most boring job in the world
  8. The best superpower is reading other people thoughts
  9. Parents should give kids as much freedom as they want
  10. Why all children should have a pet 

Persuasive essay topics for Middle School

  1. Sport should be mandatory in schools
  2. The best vacation destination
  3. How media influences younger generation
  4. Studying in summer is important
  5. Parents supporting corporal punishment should be punished by law
  6. Internet filters should be present in every school
  7. Students should not be allowed to use smartphones in education establishments
  8. The quality of education in class and homeschooling are equal
  9. Why it harmful to have studies all year round
  10. School canteens should serve only healthy food

Persuasive writing  topics for High School

  1. The amount of homework at schools should be reduced
  2. Listening to classical music helps improve mental activity
  3. Is education important today?
  4. AI does not make people smarter
  5. Capital punishment is another crime. It should be prohibited
  6. High School students should be given the right to vote
  7. Difficulties make people stronger
  8. Instagram influencers negatively influence teenagers
  9. Social media should be blocked in schools
  10. Summer homework robs students of good rest

Persuasive writing topics for College

  1. Students should be able to study only those subjects they need in High School and College 
  2. Should education be free for everyone?
  3. Standardized tests cannot objectively evaluate student’s knowledge
  4. How to reduce cases of cheating in educational establishments
  5. Is PE as important as Math and English classes?
  6. College classes in College should be shorter
  7. Summer homework is ineffective. It should be cancelled
  8. People should pay for education, otherwise they don’t value it
  9. College lectures should be shortened
  10. Remote vs traditional schooling

Good persuasive writing topics 2020

  1. Who is the most effective US president by 2021
  2. Coronavirus is a hoax!..or not
  3. The real reason of BlackLives matter movement
  4. COVID-19 is manmade
  5. The global lockdown has led to students becoming less smart
  6. 2020 is the first step in the process of the whole world transferring from real world to online
  7. 2020 was a successful year only for those who worked hard instead of moaning
  8. Why young people are craving for Bali
  9. Buddhism might become the only world religion  in few years
  10. Cancel culture is the same as bullying

Easy persuasive writing topics

  1. Parents should explain the dangers of substances abuse to their children at young age
  2. Racial bias should be severely punished by law
  3. Women and men should have equal salaries and career opportunities
  4. Space exploration will help solve the problem with overpopulation one day
  5. Is there friendship between men and women
  6. School uniforms and forbiddance of mobile phones will help avoid cases of bullying
  7. Students initiatives should receive more support from colleges
  8. Students should pass High School entrance tests
  9. Playing with Barbie dolls affects girls thinking
  10. Kids should not read some fairy tales as they present unrealistic stories the effect of which is felt in adult life

Interesting topics for persuasive writing

  1. Does a diploma guarantee a better job?
  2. Animal testing should be prohibited
  3. Modern commercials negatively influence young women today
  4. Driving tests should be regular and mandatory for people over 65 years
  5. Bullies should be expelled from the educational establishments
  6. Teenagers should be allowed to vote
  7. Beauty contests are among common causes of stress and depression among young girls
  8. Eating disorders are often caused by idealized body images in commercials and Instagram
  9. Why girls choose bad guys
  10. New technologies our not safe for our health

Controversial persuasive writing topics

  1. Effectiveness of same-sex schools in 2021
  2. Online education equips students with much worse knowledge than in-class studies
  3. Financial and sexual education should be compulsory classes at school
  4. To what extent should parents be involved in their child’s education
  5. Should teenagers be treated as adults?
  6. Is COVID-19 a hoax?
  7. Is euthanasia a crime?
  8. Women and men should have equal rights and salaries at the workplace
  9. The race, gender, or ethnicity should not be a hindrance in career
  10. Is abortion a homicide or a women’s right?

Persuasive writing topics on education

  1. Should junk food like soda and chocolates be sold in school cafeteria
  2. Should students wear a uniform?
  3. Online education cannot replace traditional classes
  4. Educational establishments should be totally  bias-free
  5. Teachers should pass professional tests as often as  students go through standardized tests
  6. Homework does not bring any benefits. It should be canceled
  7. It students should wear a uniform, then all the teachers also should
  8. Should students take a gap year after High School?
  9. Is physical education important/
  10. Does homework help improve the quality of knowledge?

Persuasive writing topics on arts

  1. Art helps people live through tough times
  2. Can artistic talent be developed or it is in borne
  3. Andy Warhol is the founding father of pop art
  4. Art is a way to express emotions people cannot express with words
  5. Popular musicians dictate their fans lifestyles
  6. Art is important in developing a mature personality 
  7. Horror movies negatively affect mental health
  8. Sad and depressive tracks make some teenagers commit suicide
  9. Is the art of Postmodernism really an art
  10. Art should be paid much more attention in schools

Social media persuasive topics

  1. Distorted reality portrayed in social networks makes people feel miserable
  2. Students should use social media for communication with students
  3. Does social media bring more good than harm?
  4. Instagram helps some people to gain popularity, self-confidence and money, while other only suffer from it
  5. Social media makes people lonelier instead of connecting them
  6. Dating websites are a real helper in the realities of the 21st century
  7. Social networks is among the most sources of income today
  8. Why people crave for likes and followers on Instagram and TikTok
  9. Bloggers should show their real life on Instagram, not fake
  10. Instagram is a great opportunity for teenagers to earn their first money

Food and eating habits persuasive writing topics

  1. GMO food is not that dangerous as they say
  2. Is vegetarianism really that healthy Health and medicine
  3. If cow milk is that harmful why did our grandparents have no problems with it?
  4. Fastfood should be blamed for increased obesity rates in the US
  5. Distorted body image is among main sources of eating disorders among teenagers
  6. None of the diets is healthy
  7. Breakfast is the main meal of the day
  8. Meat eaters vs vegetarians
  9. Food provide to the poor should be nourishing and of high quality
  10. Late night meals can greatly worsen your health

Persuasive essay topics on environment

  1. Wearing masks in 2020 pollutes the ocean with that plastic
  2. Vegetarianism contributes to reducing greenhouse effect
  3. Governments should pass more effective laws for environment protections
  4. Green businesses are the future of our planet
  5. Recycling should become a way of life for everyone
  6. Overpopulation is the main cause of increased pollution in cities
  7. People should use either hybrid cars or public transport
  8. Non-renewable sources of energy should be forbidden
  9. One country cannot slow down global warming. Every country should make small steps
  10. Penalties for environmental pollution should become incredibly high. Only extreme measures will work today.

Persuasive topics on sports 

  1. Sport is healthy not only for the body but also for the mental activity
  2. Professional sportsmen receive traumas that affect their mental health
  3. Sportsmen should not receive scholarships. It is not fair
  4. Animal sports are unethical and should be forbidden
  5. Physical activity helps stay healthy longer
  6. The danger of taking energy drinks for professional sportsmen
  7. Professional sportsmen in colleges should be paid
  8. Common stereotypes about sportsmen’ mental skills are not true
  9. Sportsmen taking special supplements might get serious health issues in few years
  10. Chess is not a sport

Need a comprehensive persuasive essay?

You can take the ready idea from the list and start your persuasive writing or get one of the persuasive writing ideas and adjust it according to your interests and course. If you want to improve grades and get flawless persuasive writing, resort to professional homework writing help. Our experienced writers will complete an essay fast and following all the instructions your provide.