90 Fresh and Interesting Sociology Research Topics that would Impress Your Professor

90 Fresh and Interesting Sociology Research Topics that would Impress Your Professor
Table of Contents
  1. 90 Fresh and Interesting Sociology Research Topics that would Impress Your Professor
  2. What is sociology
  3. Topics covered by sociology
  4. What about sociological research structure
  5. Sociology research questions
  6. Types of research questions
  7. The importance of choosing the right topic for the research
  8. Tips on choosing a good topic for a sociology research paper
  9. Great Ideas for sociology research topics
  10. Sociology research paper topics for college students
  11. Interesting sociology research topics
  12. Children and teenagers
  13. Race, nationality, ethnicity
  14. Sociology research topics on family relations
  15. Medicine and health
  16. Sociology research topics on social media
  17. Controversial sociology research topics
  18. Sociology research topics on bias and stereotypes
  19. Sociology research topics on race, nationality, ethnicity
  20. Sociology research topics on gender and sexuality
  21. Sociology research topics on social networks
  22. Religion and spiritualism

It’s time to write a research paper for your sociology course but you don’t know how to start, not sure what to write about and only " do my assignment" comes to your mind? It’s a common problem among college students, when the writing process is easier than just choosing the topic. This article was written to help students crack this nut and choose the most interesting sociology research topic. It explains what a good topic is, an instruction on how to choose a sociology research topic, and a list of fresh and interesting topics  ideas.

What is sociology

 Sociology is a social science which investigates human behaviour, culture, societies and how people interact within those societies and with each other. It studies life behaviour, as well as causes and results of that behaviour. Sociological study undivided into numerous branches based on the research object. These are 7 common areas of sociology:

  1. Social organization
  2. Population and demographics
  3. Social change
  4. Human ecology
  5. Sociological social psychology
  6. Applied sociology
  7. Sociological methods and research

Topics covered by sociology

Sociology is a broad discipline. It investigates numerous aspects of human behaviour and social life. The most common among them are human behaviour, deviant behavior, socialization, gender, ethnicity, culture, social movements, religion, crime, family deviance, sexuality, class stratification, intimate relationships, crime, race, social media, bias, inequity, etc.

 What about sociological research structure

Research paper is an academic assignment with a set structure. Its main components remain the same regardless of the discipline. Common research paper consists of:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion

This is the basic structure of a research. Your professor may ask to add some additional components, such as executive summary, literature review, limitations, implementation, etc. Thus, always check the specific instructions assigned to you.

Sociology research questions

A compulsory element of a research paper is a research question. There might be either one or several. Sociological questions focus on investigating social issues, their social meaning, and patterns. The main point is that sociology focuses on social groups rather than individuals.

        Types of research questions

Based on the research intent and design, there are three main types of research questions.

  1. Descriptive. These questions are used when the researcher aims to describe, observe, or analyze the object of the research.
  2. Comparative or relational. Comparative research questions are set when you want to compare research subjects.
  3. Causal. They are used when the purpose of the research is to establish cause-effect relationships.

The importance of choosing the right topic for the research

Quite often students underestimate the importance of choosing the right topic for their research paper. As a result of such an attitude, they spend more time on research writing as there is not enough information available or the topic is too broad. They might also receive bad marks because they were not well versed in the topic, didn’t like it, and wrote a mediocre paper. It also happens that the topic turns out to be irrelevant. Thus, take your time to choose a good topic. It should be interesting for you, relevant to the course, chosen based on the instructions, and there should be enough information and resources for you to cover it in your research paper.

Tips on choosing a good topic for a sociology research paper

Now when you know that the right topic is an important part of a compelling research paper, it’s time to learn how to choose it.

  1. Understand the instructions. Before you start writing, make sure you understand what you have to write.
  2. Consider your interests. You will be more enthusiastic about writing on the topic you have interest in.
  3. Mind the audience. Apart from your own interest, your research paper should be engaging for the audience, too.
  4. Relevance. It goes without saying that your research topic should be relevant to the sociology course.
  5. Make it fresh and engaging. Don’t write about tired tropes. Find some new and interesting ideas.

Great Ideas for sociology research topics 

Out of ideas? We will help! This list was created to inspire students to create great research papers. The list contains ideas for sociology research divided into categories based on difficulty and topics.

word topic written against dark background

Sociology research paper topics for college students

  1. The importance of proper socialization for students
  2. Why students form clans in college
  3. Professional and self-identification issues among students
  4. Difficulties faced by international students
  5. Effectiveness of preschool education
  6. Shopping as a modern therapy
  7. Are psychological sessions effective?
  8. Is it difficult to be an immigrant in the US?

Interesting sociology research topics

  1. Self-identification issues among teenagers
  2. Should children under 18 be allowed to work?
  3. Y vs Z generations
  4. Psychology of millennials
  5. Social media and video games as a cause of aggression among teenagers.
  6. Effects of child abuse
  7. Should children be allowed to change name?
  8. Results of cross-culture adoption
  9. Ageism in advertisements
  10. Effects of global lockdown 2020 on the world

Children and teenagers

  1.  Does homeschooling affect the quality of education?
  2.  Does homeschooling hinder the socialization of children?
  3. Buying behavior of teenagers today and 10 years ago
  4. Instagram influencers under 18 who have become millionaires 
  5. Online vs traditional schooling
  6. Should children wear a school uniform
  7. Importance of sex education
  8. Teenage pregnancy causes
  9. Reasons behind children aggression
  10. Should teenagers be treated as adults?

Race, nationality, ethnicity

  1. Race-based bias at the workplace
  2. Interracial marriages: pros and cons
  3. Is there a relation between race, nationality and wellness
  4. Spheres of life where discrimination based on race is booming
  5. Stereotypical attitude toward Mexicans in the US
  6. Racial stereotypes that ruin people’s lives
  7. Does nationality influence career development?
  8. Tolerance as an important social feature
  9. What makes a nation?
  10. Nation vs race.

wbkue siluetts

Sociology research topics on family relations

  1. How divorce affects children of different ages
  2. Parents as role models
  3. Why do fewer people want to get married every year?
  4. Why parents still spank children in the 21st century
  5. The influence of father-daughter relationship on a girl’s mental health
  6. What is a happy family in the 21st century
  7. Is the notion of marriage outdated yet?
  8. Family image today

Medicine and health

  1. The effects of COVID-19 on human health
  2. Is vaccination healthy?
  3. Is vegetarianism really healthy?
  4. Milk is harmful for adults or it's just a myth?
  5. How sugar consumption affects our health
  6. Is transplantation of organs ethical?
  7. Healthy and unhealthy ways of coping with stress
  8. What makes people become addicts
  9. Effects of lack of normal sleep
  10. What is considered healthy food today?

Sociology research topics on social media

  1. Idealized life portrayed on social media makes people feel inferior
  2. Social media as a cause of depression among people
  3. How social networks help find a job
  4. Online dating has become a norm today
  5. How comes teenager become Instagram influencers
  6. Causes of cyberbullying and how to cope with it.
  7. Eating disorder as a result of idealized body image on social media
  8. How modern films provoke violence among people

Controversial sociology research topics

  1. Presentation of homosexuality in movies and media
  2. Social media are not an independent source of information anymore
  3. Why do people judge others' decisions if they differ from their own ones?
  4. The importance of people to belong to a social group
  5. Portrayal of women as not very smart in modern movies and TV series
  6. Why does the majority of people believe in negative stereotypes with more willingness than in something good?
  7. Abortion and social judgment
  8. To be different is great

Sociology research topics on bias and stereotypes

  1. Men make better bosses, women make better mothers is it true?
  2. Most common stereotypes about models and actors
  3. How does it feel to be an immigrant
  4. Sexism in commercials
  5. Most common stereotypes about relationships in Hollywood movies
  6. Presentation of heterosexual couples in movies and social media
  7. The most stereotypical presentation of the American lifestyle in TV series
  8. Ageism at the workplace

Sociology research topics on race, nationality, ethnicity

  1. Most common stereotypes related to race and nation
  2. Difficulties faced by international students
  3. Do race, nationality, and ethnicity determine the social class
  4. Peculiarities of intercultural marriages
  5. How does it feel to be an international student?
  6. Is there a relationship between class and race?
  7. Racial bias at the workplace
  8. Is a bias-free community possible

Sociology research topics on gender and sexuality

  1. Coming outs are a demonstration of strength and openness or a protest?
  2. How does it feel to be a transgender in the 21st century
  3. Do men really make better leaders?
  4. Women rights movements
  5. Effectiveness of LGBT movements
  6. Legalization of same-sex marriages
  7. Is homosexuality borne or acquired?
  8. The notions of gender and sexuality

Sociology research topics on social networks

  1. The reasons behind popularity of social networks such as Instagram
  2. Why people crate for more likes and followers on Instagram and TikTok
  3. Influence of social media on teenagers
  4. Social networks make people lonely
  5. Ideal life and pictures showed on Instagram make common people feel stressed and incomplete
  6. Idealized body image showed in social media is one of the main causes of eating disorders and stress among your girls
  7. Instagram as a first source of income for the teenagers
  8. Social media addiction

Religion and spiritualism

  1. Why people feel the need to belong to some religious group
  2. Is the only universal religion possible?
  3. Why we need no great narratives to explain the emergence of the world in the 21st century
  4. Buddhism as a religion that is gaining popularity fast
  5. The importance of spiritual and mental development for individuals
  6. Attitude to sexual education in different religions
  7. Common things in different religions
  8. Why muslims are often perceived as terrorists

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