Better. Stronger. Faster.

Better. Stronger. Faster.

As a rule, motivation is a mean the internal impulses inducing to performance of any. This is an internal feeling which forces you to do something. From washing in the mornings to following of the most vital purposes and desirable dreams, motivation lies in a root of each action which you take. Without motivation the world would stop. Nothing will be able to force the person to work on changes concerning himself and world around. At the personal level the absence of motivation does the progress impossible in any spheres of life. Your health, career, finance, the relations … nothing can be developed without internal incentives. And education is not an exception. Sooner or later every student has problems with motivation. "Why do I need this?", "It is already bothering me", "I can’t do it anymore, I’m exhausted", " I can't do my homework, do my work for me" etc. All this thoughts start visiting your mind in the end of semester. It happens just when you are out of any power, sick and tired of everything and start losing your hope. As a result you throw in the towel. You may even fall behind the class and lose your head in debts. Therefore the problem should be solved. There are a lot of ways how to increase your motivation.

Passed the test? Treat yourself! That is a wide-spread method of motivation. Before doing some difficult task, promise yourself that after that you will do something pleasant. For example, when you finish your test or get a credit, go and buy something sweet to cheer yourself up or go to concert that you always wanted! This will motivate you to perform better and to study harder. Find your fellow sufferer! Look around and you will see that there are a lot of students like you who have lost the motivation. Help each other. Gather together and study. Firstly, it is much more interesting; secondly, you will learn more information, because two heads are better than one. It is easier to remember the topic when you explain it to somebody. Don’t forget about your long-term objectives! Do everything step by step, goal by goal. By reaching the small aims you will stimulate yourself to achieve the bigger one. Success is a great motivator, so boost your self-esteem by setting and reaching your goals.

Distraction? No! So many things stand on your way to become a successful student. But nothing should lead you astray. Try to give a priority to your education. Parties, cinemas, camping are good, but don’t get too involved. Remember that business is before pleasure.

Have a rest! Remember that we are all humans and we all need to relax from time to time. If you feel tired, take a break. Otherwise all your efforts will be in vein. Close your books, put away pens and pencils, go for a walk, meet with your friends or just go to bed early and have enough sleep. Recharge your batteries. With the power and refreshed you will perform much better. Comfort yourself! Make your place pleasant to work and study. Clean your room, open windows and let some cool air refresh your brain. Put away all the unnecessary stuff. You may buy a beautiful notebook or fancy pen – it will make the studying process more pleasant.

Set the goals! If you know what you want from your education, the process of studying will go faster. When you have a goal, you start creating a strategy how to reach it. Instead of abstract “study well” make some specific objectives.

You are not the only one! It is a harsh world and everybody wants to rich the top of the mountain. You should do your best in order to withstand this tough competition. There are lots of other students who also want to be the best, so do not let your guard down and study, study, study. Find your motivation person! Find a person who has already reached a success in your professional sphere. Learn about him, or maybe you will get a chance to meet with him in person. See how hard he worked and what he has now. That will definitely stimulate you and you won’t give up.

If you can’t study now, so what you can do? You study only for some period of time in your life and if you can’t cope with it now, how are you going to build your further life? Always ask yourself this question! Education is not the matter of time, it’s the matter of efforts. How long you will study directly depends on how much effort you will put. You can read a book for a year with all the breaks and other stuff, or you can spend 2-3 days pass up you leisure for some time.

All in all, you should always remember why do you study and never give up no matter what. You are the only person who is responsible for your education and future life, so do your best and be the best. Good luck!