Who Invented Homework and Why? Top Facts Students Should Know

Who Invented Homework and Why? Top Facts Students Should Know

“I prefer teachers who give students something to take home to think about besides homework.”
Lily Tomlin, an American actress, comedian, writer, singer, and produce

The time passes by, and more American students recognize how education and  writing homework helps them to progress. There are two questions many students barely think about that matter: who invented homework and when was homework invented? The answers to these questions help to understand the educational system better. They help to realize the role of homework assignments teachers give trying to improve the knowledge & skills of their students.

Hours spent on homework assignments made many students turn to the professional online writing services with affordable prices. Read this article to get answers to two major questions of every student: who invented homework and when was homework invented?

Who Started the First School in History?

Homework assignments are an integral part of school education; it is important to find how the initial school opened and when was homework invented.

People invented the educational system a long time ago. If you notice the old-fashioned single-room schoolhouses, know its origins date back hundreds or thousands of years! The educational system appeared with the ancient people. They walked this earth before civilized nations appeared; those people had to evolve, and it was not possible without learning. The time made the old learning system turn into the sophisticated educational institutions. Schools appeared to share various life values and prepare young children to become respected adults with the promising future.

  1. Knowledge & Skills
  2. Experience & Life Values
  3. Customs & Traditions

A regular school is the best way to exchange valuable information between the representatives of different generations to make our world highly progressive. An initial educational system was the only way to learn how to survive. The number of people living on earth increased, and it became necessary to divide the learning population into separate groups based on its gender, age, experience, etc. Before we discuss who invented school and homework, it is important to notice the division was not clear. They divided people into groups based on the gained knowledge.

The girls were separated from the boys as people of that time believed male children are smarter & faster learners than the female children.

You may wonder who invented school and homework in America. By the time 13 original colonies formed, the educational system appeared in the United States (XVII century). Boston Latin School was founded in 1635. It is known as the first public school and the oldest elementary educational institution in the entire history of North America. The consequences of the American Revolution made school & college education a higher priority. School systems varied from state to state.

When Was Homework Invented Worldwide?

After the students realize who invented homework and why they would probably understand their homework assignments are not the bane of their existence. Homework is the best way to make sure children understand the studied subject.

Roberto Nevilis, a strict teacher from Italy, started the history of this educational system innovation in 1095 in Venice. Nevilis was disappointed with the performance of his students. Hours spent in school had no positive impact on the knowledge & skills of his children; he decided to invent a way to punish them without involving physical violence, which was against the law.

In the question, “who invented homework and why” the part explaining the reasons is the most important. Formal school system was invented. The need to improve teaching methods became obvious. Wealthy people could afford to pay for education, and their children were not ready to take high responsibilities without a special motivation. Nevilis involved several hours of work after classes to embrace the accurate meaning of his lessons.

You may ask, “Who invented the homework before Roberto Nevilis?” Probably, some other teachers practiced assigning after-school tasks to their students before Nevilis, but it was not the official part of the educational system in Europe until the Italian teacher stepped in.

4 Benefits of Doing Your Homework

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To summarize the answer to the question, “who invented homework and why,” we will list the main goals of the homework assignments:

  1. The need to structure educational system
  2. To allow students earn part of their studying credits at home where they can focus on the particular subject in silence
  3. Help children understand the covered topics through reviewing
  4. Improve the set of necessary skills: knowledge of history, reading & comprehension, writing skills, basic count (algebra skills), research skills (ability to discover evidence, etc.)

Top Effective Ways to Overcome Homework

We have discussed when was homework invented and who invented school and homework. Is there a way to avoid this part?

Some children and their caring parents hesitate whether homework assignments are overrated and if modern students receive many tasks that prevent them from getting involved in other life activities. Do you wish to dedicate your free hours to something else?

If you wish to avoid an integral part of the educational system, homework, choose Finland. The country possesses a high school graduation rate of 93%. The rate is much higher than in the United States – 73%; it means 2 out of 3 Finnish students enter the college or university to continue their higher education.

The fact is many types of homework assignments exist today:

It’s impossible to catch up with all homework assignments as there are 24 hours in a day. More students wonder how to escape than who invented the homework. Try downloading school-related mobile & web applications to help with your learning schedule as well as specific homework tasks. Your parents and teachers may help, but do not expect your teachers to help when it is the examination time. The idea of hiring experts works better than everything mentioned above.

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Students, parents, and some teachers argue whether homework is helpful or not, but the concept survived centuries in the educational system, and it does help studying when wisely organized.