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Do you prepare an editorial for the first time in your life? Make your reader explore your piece from cover to cover with the help of these easy hints.

Follow These 5 Simple Steps on the Way to Excellent Editorial

Posted at 10.10.2016 by Lana

Before we start our discussion, it is crucial to find out what an editorial is. It is a newspaper article which expresses an opinion and some ideas of a particular publisher. It can be written on any topic, but social subjects are preferred. In order to make other people trust you, writing an ed...

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No matter which type of bibliography you were asked to accomplish (MLA, APA and other styles), the article we provide down below may assist in preparing a good job.

How to Write a Bibliography in Various Academic Styles

Posted at 10.03.2016 by Lana

A bibliography (a.k.a. annotated bibliography) is a short part of the research paper which contains valuable information about the title, author, date of publishing, and other details about the selected sources (from printed magazine to e-book).It is crucial to stick to the generally accepted writin...

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Maria Montessori school offers alternative education where children can learn independently and follow their interests

Maria Montessori

Posted at 04.05.2016 by Eliza

When our children turn three or four, we immediately start to notice that they become individualities with their interests and talents. We see how they start talking and getting new knowledge about the huge world about them. At this point parents begin to look for better and more effective ways of e...

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A list of controversial unique schools around the world. What makes them so special?

Unique Schools

Posted at 08.25.2015 by Eliza

For many of us, when we were kids, our school was something special and exciting: we wanted to explore every corner of that building and to open every single possible door. The time had passed, we discovered everything we could, and so the school became our second home and did not seem something mag...

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Most of the international students don’t know how to find new friends when they enter the university. There are a lot of ways how to fight your fear and turn your studying year into the enjoyable adventure. But without friends it will impossible, so don’t fear and talk to people.

Great advices for freshman

Posted at 07.07.2015 by Eliza

Nowadays international education is gaining more and more popularity. Students apply for different universities, a lot of countries are more than happy to host and educate international kids. It gives you a great opportunity to get a prestigious education, broaden your horizons, find new friends and...

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It is rather important to stay consistent throughout the  day in order to give your best every time no matter where you are.

Better. Stronger. Faster.

Posted at 15.03.2015 by Max

As a rule, motivation is a mean the internal impulses inducing to performance of any. This is an internal feeling which forces you to do something. From washing in the mornings to following of the most vital purposes and desirable dreams, motivation lies in a root of each action which you take. With...

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