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Each time you need to come up with the best idea for your physics homework project, you should definitely contact some expert physics help. Physics is a complex science which studies the matter and energy and explains how and why various things function. There are a lot of related fields covered by this complicated high school and college discipline:

  • Acoustics
  • Mechanics
  • Optics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Electromagnetism
  • Atomic and nuclear physics
  • Solid-state physics
  • Cryogenics
  • Particle physics
  • Plasmaphysics


This branch of physics studies mechanical waves in solids, liquids, and gases. Acoustics includes many topics like ultrasound, infrasound, vibration, and sound itself. In general, this part of science studies the production, transmission, and effects of sound. Acoustics is used in industries that are based on sound. Nowadays, acoustics is used in architecture, medicine, etc.


This branch studies the physics of matter. It includes kinematics, statics, and dynamics. Mechanics studies how a certain object moves under various forces, and also discover what forces act when the object stays in one place without moving. The laws of mechanics let us determine the trajectories of bullets and balls, planets, and spaceships. 


This is a physics' branch that studies light, its properties, and interaction with matter. It discovers the whole spectrum of light, starting from ultraviolet and ending with infrared light. Optics design instruments to detect or control light with various mirrors and lenses. Optics laws let us determine the behavior of ultraviolet, visible light, and infrared light. 


Thermodynamics is a branch of physics that studies interactions of various objects relating to temperature and heat, and also the relationship of these parameters with work, energy, and radiation. The thermodynamics laws describe how particular objects are cooling and heating due to transferring energy.

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This branch studies electric fields and electricity itself as well as magnetic fields and magnetism. Electrostatics analyses fields and forces using Gauss's Law and Coulomb's Law. As for magnetism, it studies various fields and forces using Ampere's and Faraday's Laws. Electromagnetism uses Maxwell's Laws that explain to us magnetic and electrical interactions of things and objects in our world.  

Atomic and nuclear physics

Atomic physics studies the atom as a system of electrons arranged around the nucleus and processes that can change this arrangement. It deals with neutral atoms and ions. Nuclear physics studies atomic nuclei and their interactions. Discoveries in this branch are used in many fields, including nuclear medicine and magnetic resonance, nuclear weapons. 

Solid-state physics

Solid physics is a branch of physics that studies rigid matter. This is the condensed physics' largest branch. It studies how various properties of solid objects depend on their atomic-scale properties. The bulk of this branch is focused on crystals because these materials have optical, electrical, mechanical, or magnetic properties.


Cryogenics studies the behavior and production of various materials and objects at low temperatures. This science is used in medicine, biology, electronics. For example, cryobiology studies the behavior of animals under low temperatures, and cryosurgery is applied to destroy cancer cells with cryogenic temperatures.  

Particle physics

This branch of physics discovers particles: radiation and matter, and the interaction between them. Of course, the word "particle" can mean any small object like gas particles, protons, or even dust. Particle physics studies the smallest detectable particles to explain their properties and behavior. These are leptons, quarks, and gauge bosons.  

Plasma physics

It is a branch of physics that studies charged particles. Usually, plasmas can be created by heating a gas to the condition when electrons are detached from their molecule or atom. This is the process of ionization that can be received when you use microwaves or laser light. Naturally, plasmas can be found in space and stars. 

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