Top 10 Leading Edge Nursing Schools in the US

Top 10 Leading Edge Nursing Schools in the US

Nursing is the degree of future. Well, any health-related degree guarantees a well-paid job and amazing career growth.

At the same time, any job from this field is considered the most responsible in the world as far as the working personnel is responsible for the lives of thousands and even millions of people.

So, it’s better to think twice before falling into the ocean of healthcare and medicine sciences.

We have prepared the list of the best nursing programs young students need. The criteria were set to choose the best of the best:

  • Architecture
  • Latest technology and innovations
  • Infrastructure
  • Premium facilities
  • Luxury faculty
  • Chance to gain unforgettable experience
  • US News & World Report ranking

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Meet 10 Leading Nursing Programs

  1. Columbia University - NY
We swear that it is the oldest university in the area of Manhattan, with its own history and culture. Its nursing school is one of the fastest developing institutions in the region. Students who graduate from this university have higher chances to obtain a well-paid job with $66,000 salary. Thousands of applicants every year enter the walls of the given school to become healthcare professionals one day.

Speaking about the first point in our criteria list, the building is done in pre-Revolutionary War manner. The second pint involves cutting-edge technology that allows its students to conduct in-depth research and develop the entire field. The school invests most of its efforts in studying memory, cancer, and economic theory.

World-class professors have already saved the world with their amazing discoveries and findings in the area of medicine. You will definitely become a student of a famous writer, researcher, or surgeon.
  1. University of Pennsylvania — Philadelphia, PA
The second place in the national top belongs to the nursing school from Philadelphia.  Covering almost all health and medical areas, the school suggests that its students gain baccalaureate, masters, and Ph.D. in nursing. It is recommended to pass all three levels.

In addition to the regular 4-year Bachelor degree, the nursing school from Pennsylvania offers two extra years for those students who are interested in becoming registered nurses. A tuition per year along with all fees results into $45,890 and the total cost of the school’s accelerated associates program is $106,624.

It is interesting to know that registered nurses experience no difficulties with finding jobs in this state. Being an undergraduate in the provided nursing school still guarantees you high chances to obtain a good job. Licensure is actually a key to working as a healthcare professional, so don’t ignore it. A mean annual income of nurse here falls in the range $62,000-68,000.
  1. Duke University — Durham, NC
That’s a medical center and nursing school 2-in-1. Private research university located on the territory of Duke University aims to provide all students with a unique opportunity to fulfill their knowledge with new skills and unforgettable experience. Since 2006, Doctorate of Nursing Degree program was added to ‘release’ nurses experienced at leadership in clinical care. North Carolina is always in search of registered nurses with the solid academic background and licensure.

In the discussed nursing school, the student will get in touch with various administrative duties aimed to assist ill, injured, convalescing and disabled patients. Salaries of around $66,000 are available to those nurses who end up with Health Care Practitioners and Technical major. That’s exactly what Duke’s corresponding program offers.

The school deals with observing critical nursing issues around the globe. Each master graduate can contribute to the prestigious research school center with his own findings.
  1. Washington University — St. Louis, MO
Are you living in Washington or some district around? Then, you should pay attention to this extraordinary nursing school with original architecture, high acceptance rates, endless opportunities, and world top technology. Your nursing career begins here!

It was a training nursing school ages ago. Nowadays, the student-to-teacher ratio for clinical courses is 8:1. While the shortage of nurses is a critical issue, you may catch up with the trend after gaining your education in one of the leading nursing schools located in the capital of the United States. Once you see its world-class facilities, you’ll be amazed by the local labs and clinical classrooms with up-to-date equipment and opportunity to test your hypothesis in reality. Once again, the basic success factors of the school are:
  • Historical architecture
  • Technology and Infrastructure (you may count on part-time employment while being its student)
  • World-class facilities
  • World-class faculty (only Ph.D. expert on board)
  • Experience Opportunity (watch your nursing career grow with the speed of light)
  • Recognition (introduce your research to the world)
  • Excellent elementary and advanced programs
  1. The University of California-Los Angeles — Los Angeles, CA

Do you need the best nursing school in California to obtain one of the following degrees?
  • Associate of Arts in Health Science (AA)
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)
  • Accelerated Generalist Master in Nursing (AGMN)
  • Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (Ph.D.)

Also known as UCLA, the college has begun with a Bachelor of Science degree. Today, it has expanded its horizons due to the many existing problems in health and medicine such as serious diseases, “Baby Boomers,” early retirement age, and more. The salary average is higher for nursing professionals in this area as far as a lot of celebrities are living here. As a student, you will find a unique employment opportunity in the shape of a personal nurse or consultant of some rock star or movie celeb.
  1. Johns Hopkins University — Baltimore, MD
Do you wish to dedicate your life to studying various sciences entirely? If you are not interested in too high profits and the average is OK with you, it’s time to contribute your advanced knowledge to the special research center established by the school f nursing from Baltimore. In the end, most probably you will possess both Master and Ph.D. Degree.

The local undergraduates pass their internships and volunteering programs in the best nation’s hospitals and other medical centers. Mixed patience for excellence with the perfect treatment of patients on all levels makes this nursing school one of the best in the United States.

There is also an opportunity to obtain the knowledge remotely by attending online Master’s tracks. Also, there are special offers:
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Health Systems Management
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist / Health Systems Management
  1. University of Colorado — Denver, CO

Students can get their degrees by submitting a research, dissertation, or coursework online. That is what many of them enjoy. Except for the regular Bachelor, Master, or Ph.D., the school has established another mixed degree known as DNP/MPH: A joint degree that results in a doctor of nursing practice as well as masters in public health. That is very popular among local advanced students who are heading for serious and highly-paid clinical positions.

The recent changes in the field of chronic conditions made local board come up with this special degree and corresponding faculty and courses. While studying at the school of nursing here, students receive access to working with real patients, physicians, and medical staff. Real hospital settings allow finding your place in the field of health faster.
  1. Emory University — Atlanta, GA
Nursing school number 8 from our list is famous for its incredible Candler Library where you can search anything. It is a private college with both undergraduate and graduate degrees for the further clinical experience.
Even though students may live in Atlanta and study in the given nursing school, they can find their employment opportunity anywhere in the country: from New York to Los Angeles. What are the vivid advantages of getting enrolled into the local nursing program? The school is:
  • historical (rich for architecture)
  • well-funded (no financial difficulties are faced throughout the education year)
  • an owner of the gorgeous campus
  • full of health area-related professors
  • free for innovative research
  1. The University of North Carolina — Chapel Hill, NC
Not only famous Wilson Library makes the school of nursing from Chapel Hill so popular. The landscape is picturesque and calm – just what you need for your health-related research and work with patients. You will find no problems here if you like to study in beautiful and silent places.

Since 2012, the local employment for nurses has grown dramatically by more than 5%! Registered nurse with advanced technological knowledge and solid experience can boast earning up to $59,000 annually.
Here we have listed the nursing degree programs these guys offer:
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)
  • Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)
  • Ph.D. in Nursing
  1. New York University — New York, NY
Its medical center next to the Empire State building simply impresses. Students are allowed to choose whether to pass school entire nursing program online or visit traditional faculty. You will study everything related to the nurse-patient relationship and more: from adult-gerontology to pediatric primary care. There are special programs covering female health only. At last, one of the most vivid reasons to select healthcare school number two is its Laboratory of Innovative and Translational Nursing Research, which is full of knowledge, research technologies, talented tuition, and innovative ideas.

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