How to Write a Persuasive Essay: Tips + 15 Great Topics for School and College Students

How to Write a Persuasive Essay: Tips + 15 Great Topics for School and College Students

Let’s dedicate some time to studying common mistakes.

The first thing school and college students often confuse is the gap between persuasive and argumentative essay. These two are based on the same research process, involve the corresponding formatting, and need strong arguments for and against the discussed problem. Instead of developing a better understanding of the given issue, both texts aim to persuade the readers of the author’s truth.

The ways required to persuade the audience are different. If you work on the argumentative paper, take care of the following persuasive methods:

  1. Logic
  2. Facts
  3. Reasoning

In case you want to impact the readers with the help of persuasive essay, think of the more creative ways:

  1. Moral reasoning
  2. Emotional impact

Play with the feelings of your reader to make him take your side. If you want a professional writer to do it for you, you can pay for papers a small price and get your job done.

Starting Your Persuasive Essay

First, it is important to conduct research even though your point of view and feelings on the topic are crucial too. There are two best places to find necessary sources: the internet and traditional library. It is better to search online as it will save a plenty of time. Besides, you can do it even from home.

When you work on the supporting arguments, operate with the facts, ideas, and statistics you received from the internet. Search for the evidence in the credible sources. Avoid outdated sources and online Encyclopedia like Wikipedia. They might be helpful when writing an article or blog post, but school and college teachers do not allow using such resources as any user may edit them freely.

Support the main point of your persuasive essay with your personal ideas, and here we go!

Important Tips to Keep in Mind While Writing

We reached the place where we should list some effective ways to start your persuasive paper. Use these tips to get it right!

  1. Take and use several free examples online to understand the main purpose of your persuasive essay better. You can receive the best examples on the internet from the professional writing services like the one we mentioned in the link.
  2. Take a look at the list of the best persuasive writing topics from your English class. Use them as the templates for your own paper.
  3. Brainstorm ideas to choose the topic. Make a list of all great ideas to choose the best one.
  4. Write what you KNOW and what you BELIEVE is true. It is impossible to play with ideas in which you are not sure about or lack information.
  5. Ask your parents, teachers, and experts for help. Don’t be shy!
  6. Work on your outline to follow this plan during the writing process. It helps not to get lost and save the logical order of the text.
  7. Be original! Find ways to start your paper with an intriguing sentence known as a hook.
  8. Read more literature and free online tips to prevent your persuasive essay from silly mistakes highs school, and college students make.
  9. Think of all possibly related life examples to support your main argument.
  10. Give people a right to choose the side by offering opposing points of view. It will also show your objectivity and ability to judge things soberly.
  11. It is better to use MLA format as it is the simplest one.
  12. Get some people to read your persuasive essay once you’re done. Ask them to share their feelings and opinions. If your paper makes them want to learn more about the topic and take your position, it is successful.
  13. If you wish other resaerchers to distinguish your work by citing it in their research papers, protect your intellectual property with the rights reserved.

15 Best Persuasive Essay Topics

Our article includes both examples of persuasive topics and explanations why these ideas are great.

  1. Death Penalty in America Is Not the Best Crime Prevention Measure

Play with reader’s emotions by touching the topic of human rights.

  1. People Living in Poverty Should Receive Greater Financial Help from Government

You want the rich public to believe they must support people living in poverty to increase an overall level of life in America.

  1. Public Health Care Services Must Be All Free

Write about the health issues American population face today and try to persuade the reader free medicine is the best way out.

  1. Getting Rid of Trade Barriers Is the Best Way to Improve Relationships between Countries

Number some good reasons why the existing trade barriers are the main obstacle to improving economic relations between, for example, North America and China.

  1. There Is No Such Thing as the Best Age to Fall in Love

Imagine that your parents are against your romance with someone of the older age. How would you defend your point of view?

  1. The Government Should Give More Rights to the Mexican Immigrants

Let’s say you believe that Mexican-American relations have to be improved. Write about why it is important to give more rights to the Mexican immigrants.

  1. Say No to Any Age Restrictions

Try to persuade the wide public that any type of threat to human freedom makes people desire the forbidden things stronger, so it is better to cancel some age restrictions.

  1. The Best Age to Become Parents Is after 30

Write down why many young people get divorced and how their children suffer. Explain why you believe 30 and up is the best age to have children.

  1. Teachers Must Receive Higher Wages

It’s just a great topic if you want to impress your teachers!

  1. People Have a Right to Believe in What They Want

Be careful with religious topics! At the same time, it is a great persuasive essay idea. Write down facts that prove religion is not another way to control people. Try to sound sincere to play with readers’ feelings.

  1. Education Should Be Free at All Levels

Describe how years spent in college impact even the worst students positively. Argue that public higher education must be free for everyone.

  1. Harmful Online Games Must Be Banned

Your friends may love online and video games. Imagine you try to persuade them to stop playing in favor of more important life things like work and education. Write down a list of negative aspects of gaming.

  1. People Should Have a Right to Choose Working Hours

Tell why workers at all levels should be given a right to choose their working hours. To defend your topic, you may recall the impact of overloaded schedule on college grades.

  1. Children of School Age Are Too Young to Smoke

Write about negative health issues in the given persuasive essay.

  1. Wide Public Must Switch to Electric Cars

This persuasive topic has many issues to cover. First, give a hook with statistics on how many electric cars are released every year. Then, list the benefits of using such cars by pointing to the negative effects ordinary cars have on the environment and health.

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