How to Study For Exams – Tips from Successful Students

How to Study For Exams – Tips from Successful Students

Long sleepless nights spent on studying for your exam lead to stressful situations. It often results in nightmares and other sleep disorders. Stresses may lead to obesity as well. The question " can you help me with my homework?" probably comes to you quite often. You might get so tired that you’ll fall asleep during your Biology exam or even … come into your class naked! Well, the worst part is getting a low grade like C or D, of course. Any elite university or good college is expecting to see a high overall GPA, so every score gained for your school exam, including SAT and other extra tests, matters.

First of all, we are going to share two most effective ways to study for your school exam which were tested by one of the best Cambridge female students, Jessica. She tried these methods on big exams and small tests, and each time they worked!

These tips do not require hours to spend on your learning process. These study exam tips won’t work without some special materials:

  • Colored highlighters
  • Question-answer style cards
  • Course notes to search for the hints
  • Something to write with (a pen or pencil)
  • Relaxing music to pass the time
  1. Look for the piece of information you want to study first for your exam.

Use the internet, learning materials, readings from class, or just go the library. In the age of technological progress, it is better to stay at home or in your room if we talk about college. Such atmosphere guarantees higher chance to understand a greater share of study materials.

A nice way to study for your test is to narrow down the search by implementing slides and study cards. Cards will help you to stay focused. Put down the main terms you have to learn for your exam on each card. Under each word, you need to add a question. While you keep focused, decorate your notes. Visual memory will be turned on this way. So, it’s one of the most important steps.

To train your memory, even more, write down the answers to each exam question on the other side of the paper. It is much more difficult to study with the traditional looking cars as they all look the same. A special design will help you to remember the content of the card.

“Did you know?” card is another great method to study before your upcoming exam or test. Both school and college students use it successfully. You just need to revise the entire course information by selecting the most important facts on each topic. You can add fun facts as well as often exams have bonus questions which can help you to fill in space (meaning to get a higher grade). Then, prepare the check cards by leaving an underscore before each definition. The approach is perfect for all creative students.

  1. The second technique of studying the exam materials requires taking the first bit of information from your in-class notes, homework assignments, and textbook.

Write down or retype given information in your own words. Explain the things in a way you really understand instead of using some complex terms. Of course, when you study closer to the exam date, you have to review complicated terms and their meaning as well. But it can wait.

The next thing you should do is to record your exam review with your own voice. To do so, study how to use the corresponding software on your computer or smartphone. In fact, it’s very easy. Listen to your review at least 20-30 minutes between the sessions. If you wish to listen to the music, choose something which does not distract you from the process. It does not have to be your favorite band, but you might pick some relaxing or instrumental music to stay focused. The second method helps to keep doing your things while studying the exam notes all day long. However, mind that everybody needs a break from time to time, so find some period to give a rest to your ears as well.

If an essay is a part of your exam, you have to study writing principles too. Begin with gong through various writing styles guides. The fastest way is to order help with essays online, but it works in case you are given at-home exam.

Anyway, once we have covered the study techniques shared by one of the best Cambridge students, we suggest that we should have a look at some more methods which have helped many other people to study for their exams effectively and quickly.

Tips on How to Improve Study Skills of Any Student

There are several recommended exercises applied to improve student's study skills and memory. College and even university students follow these steps when they are running out of time and ideas.

  1. The first advice people use to become better exam takes is known as “black-red-green” method. It helps with tackling a difficult exam question.

Take the pens of the corresponding colors. Underline each section you have on your notes with each of the pens. Highlight the most important parts with a red pen. Green pen considers the information which still might be useful. Black pen excludes pieces of information that may only distract your attention. Such technique makes it possible to study only what you will definitely need. Let’s say the question on your History of the United States exam would be:

After reading “Killing Kennedy” by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard, compose an exam essay on one of the main characters. It can be a very complex and contradictive figure of Lee Harvey Oswald. This man is widely known as a killer of one of the best US Presidents. There is enough evidence to claim he was acting all alone, without being pressed by someone. But what about his motives? Why would anyone want to kill such a talented and generous President? Everything from the location Harvey has chosen to his further actions pointed to his intentions. But is he the one to kill the all-time favorite American President? Reference two quotes from the textbook and at least two secondary sources.

You need to underline the main question using a red pen to study it well. The main point is to work on the killer’s motives and find out whether anyone else could be the murderer. The green pen should be used to address the details. Finally, the black pen is given to mention the background information which you most probably know after passing your course.

This method is perfect to make sure students understand all parts of the question and can set priorities by choosing what the most and least important section is.

  1. Apply mnemonic devices as your best helpers.

People are living in the age of modern technologies, so it would be silly to ignore an opportunity to use some devices when you decide to study for your future exam. Such device may help to turn a long stream of study information in a short and clear piece of material. These tools are recommended to those students who learn something completely new, different, and difficult. The devices stimulate brain activity and improve memory. They make a striking visual image in student’s mind, so he can recall any piece of the important information by simply drawing it in his head. It’s like having a photo of the finished exam in front of you all the time. Here is an example. A common mnemonic device might sound like the following sentence, “Each Good Bird Can Fly.” That is one of the ways to stay focused when recalling not only exam study material but the lines of some piece of music. Using capital letters, you will find out the song goes E G B C F. That is how many musicians come up with the great music ideas. Right, some exam study tips may be useful for your further life in many different areas.

  1. Give a speech related to your subject.

When you study hard, you most probably whisper the things you have just read. Remember one quick formula: Hearing = Remembering. People who face difficulties with hearing from time to time are often brought down by the memory impairment. To let you understand the whole thing, think about your favorite music album. You know which song is going to pop out next. Yes, it has a relation to your exam study process, so don’t switch off. You have actually listened to the album ad nauseum, so the material was ingrained into your brain. Thus, tips like these can help you to study for your exam as well! Practice reading your notes and staying focused by saying the information out loud. Plan your day in a way that you dedicate at least 40 minutes to repeating your study material aloud.

It is time to work on your GPA by memorizing pieces of information in new ways! It does not matter whether you know the answers to all exam questions or not, these study tips really help. Once again, if you are given an opportunity to write any part of your exam at home or distantly, contact professional writing company to make your online order today!