10 Best High Schools in the USA

10 Best High Schools in the USA

Thanks to the excellent work of guys from the U.S. News, American citizens have discovered 10 most influential school of the last year. This list should look almost the same by the end of 2016 – beginning of 2017, they say. 500 gold medal schools were analyzed to choose the best of the best.

The following list was created based on such factors as:

  • Overall school’s investment in the national educational system
  • Contribution to the progress of each student
  • High achievement
  • Number of graduates
  • Usage of the latest technology
  • Number of international students who receive proper treatment

As you may know, there are private and public schools. There is also a thing called Academy with a bit higher ranking and narrower specialization. These schools below are the best of the best in any category, so read carefully. Also, if you are assigned an essay of any difficulty and if you’re in a hurry, try using reliable writing service that will help you  do your homework before getting into despair.
  1. Carnegie Vanguard

This is a high institution from Texas which offers top education opportunities for creative students of the college age.

Gifted students around the country may take Advanced Placement (AP) courses at their high school.

The school also has a challenging soccer team which each student would enjoy.
  1. The College Preparatory School

If you’re looking for a racially diverse college, this choice is right for you. The high school represents 60% people of a different race who still do their best to serve America and its nation. A friendly campus environment was developed to support each student no matter what his or her age or race is.

The primary program is focused on the social disciplines and is aiming high to improve student’s writing, communication, and reading skills. A very special high course is known as 2Prep, which gives all accepted freshmen additional tips and help as they express their admiration to contribute to the social environment.
  • People studying here will enjoy an extra week-off during the Spring time. It was designed in order to let students take part in exploratory learning such as community service, etc.
  • 29% of the local students get enrolled into Ivy-Tier universities successfully.
  • College Preparatory is home to an award-winning debate team.
  1. International Academy

You don’t necessarily have to be an international student to study in this high school. In case you have been participating in various clubs, and you’re free for new contacts, observe this option. Share your movie or music experience with the college admissions board and your peers.

The high school from Michigan sticks to the International Baccalaureate middle years and diploma programs. Also, the rate of community service participants is rather high. Besides, this place is the best opportunity to earn extra college credits. Just take part in exciting local activities and watch your results.
  1. Academic Magnet

The high school located in South California promises free attendance of the local beaches, exploration of the wild area around, talented professors, and unforgettable learning experience.

Advanced Placement or honors level are all yours when you enter the place.

There is a good motivation to study hard: from high career mentorships to international trips.

  1. Harvard-Westlake

Dreaming of Harvard Business School or else? At first, it sued to be an excellent school for females only.

Today, there are about 1600 students around. If you want only talented people to be your mentors, you’d better pay attention to this location: mind that of the 194 full-time faculties, 161 are lucky owners of a Master’s or Ph.D. degree.

Here are some more unique facts:
  • $8,000,000 are invested in student financial aid annually.
  • Among its unique colleagues, they name The Mountain School. Students will have an opportunity to attend Vermont to gain extra credits.
  • Enjoy about 27 athletic programs, among which there are sports activities like water polo, lacrosse, and an equestrian team.
  1. Detroit Country

Welcome to the day school where some members of KISS band used to study! This is a highly creative Arts & Crafts Academy which has already released tons of talented authors, musicians, and actors.

Take part in such activities as debates or chess marathon to see what you’re worth of. There is a lot of interest clubs related to music and its various genres. Even young rockers will find their place and destiny here.

  1. The Latin School of Chicago

Another private babe on our list is the Latin School. Latin-American students demand the corresponding education. Here is one of the best private/public colleges of America for Spanish and English-speaking boys and girls.

As you can guess, it’s about studying the science of language so that you may forget about precise sciences.

It has a rich and unique history since the year of its foundation (1888). It deals with all three:
  1. an elementary
  2. middle
  3. high school educational excellence

Students will take part in Chicago community through Latin’s year-long Capstone Studies Program. No matter whether you’re an international student with the passion to languages or American student with a passion for math, the school will warm you up.
  1. Named after Thomas Jefferson

Are you curious about science and modern technology would you like to be an innovator? The high school we’re going to observe now is situated in Virginia State. STEM-focused curriculum includes engineering and much rarer subjects like oceanography.

You will be an advanced expert in astrophysics once you manage to finish this high school. The classes also involve microelectronics.

  1. BASIS Scottsdale

We’re moving closer to the best public/private American school ever. But first, let’s take a look at another national giant known as BASIS Scottsdale. It’s a charter school from Arizona.

You can get a senior position at any company once you’re done with your degree in this high school. Right, that is when your college scores do not matter. You can also find a community around to gain extra points for your further career and education.

  1. The Lawrenceville

Are you ready to find out which high school is no worse than Princeton or Oxford? You may wonder, but this one is considered a National Historic Landmark, and not many people have actually heard about it. Except or the excellent education and degree opportunity, you will find a great landscape and old-fashioned, romantic architecture here. Do you wish to start learning traditional British arts? Join the British-style House system, where freshmen live together with faculty in a family-like atmosphere.

Be ready to take dozens of advanced tests and exams before getting enrolled into one of these community schools or colleges. You may always get some professional help with your admissions package and personal statements by placing an order with expert writing service.